iTrack II launch at MINExpo 2016 in Vegas

Translogik to officially launch iTrack II at MINExpo 2016

Translogik is excited to annouce the official launch of iTrack ll at MINExpo 2016. iTrack ll is the gold standard for industry-leading real-time temperature and pressure monitoring system (TPMS) for off-the-road OTR vehicles. iTrack ll provides functionality never previously seen in a TPMS product. After listening to our clients’ requirements, our R&D team have developed a unique system specifically to meet the needs of the industry today.


iTrack II provides fast, accurate, reliable real-time data on the condition of mining truck tires, combined with live tracking of vehicle location and status.

  • Users have reported an increased tire life of up to 30%,
  • Reduced fuel usage of up to 2%
  • Increases in average vehicle speed of up to 20%.

Live data is sent to our servers for analysis; the system then recommends actions to maximize vehicle usage. iTrack II provides a comprehensive service enabling customers to maximize productivity levels.

Exciting features include:

  • Real-Time Temperature and Pressure Monitoring
  • HeatMap and Haul Route analysis
  • GPS (Tracking of vehicle status and location)
  • Geo Fence (Speed alert notifications)
  • Global Monitoring System
  • Wi-Fi & GSM connectivity
  • 6 Axis Accelerometer
  • CAN Interface
  • Internal UPS (12 Hours)
  • Ethernet Port (RJ45)